2018.12.11       We charged part of the distribution for a fee.


2018.2.24         Under maintenance related page of distribution for a fee and we are                           sorry for the inconvenience. Regarding distribution for a fee,

                          Please contact us directly from the inquiry form.


2018.1.4           TLR family knockout mouse, MEF handling line increased.

                          [ TLR7(B6), TLR9(B6), RIG-1, MDA5, LGP2 ]


2017.2.9           We started the handling of the germfree mouse.


2017.2.9           We started the charged distribution of the atopic dermatitis

                           model mouse.


2016.7.26         We changed part of offer method of TLR family knockout mouse,

                          and Hrh knockout mouse.


2014.9.11         We changed part of the handling of the TLR family knockout mouse.


2014.8.19         We changed part of MEF handling of the TLR family knockout mouse.


2014.5.27         We resume the home page 5.19 to 26 to have postponed the public.

                          We apologize that it has caused inconvenience.


2014.2.18         We ended the dispensing fee of EMU Mutant mice.


2013.12.13       We will be suspend operations from 2013.12.28 to 2014.1.5.


2013. 7.26        We will 15 (Thu.) and 16 (Fri.) days as summer closure in August.


2013.5.21         Handling of MEF of TLR family Knockout mice has been increased.


2013.2.8           < New E-Mail Adress: >

                          OBS will change the domain of the e-mail address

                          fromFebruary 18,2013.

                          We will guide you from the person in charge to customers

                          and business partners.


2012.12.7         We will be suspend operations from 2012.12.29 to 2013.1.3.


2012.8.7           We have an order sheet in PDF file format (list download)


2012.6.18         RIG-I KO,MDA5 KO,LGP2 KO added the distribution for a fee mice


2011.11.21       mPGES1 added the distribution for a fee mice


2011. 8.1          The brute doctor name was changed (PDF file).

                          Health & Husbandry Statement Microbiological Monitoring Report


2011. 8.1          We will 15 (Mon.) and 16 (Tue.) days as summer closure in August.


2011.4.27         We added the BALB back of the Hrh1 KO mice.


2011.3.17         Earthquake , Tsunami  and Atomic Power Station Damages in Japan

We sincerely appreciate your warm-hearted words, condolence and encouraging massages.

Fortunately, we Oriental Bio-Service ,Minamiyamashiro Laboratory in Kyoto and Kobe BML have no damage of buildings and other facilities.

However, the delivery to overseas customers is now estimated not just in time,becouse of the traffic conditions, the custum clearance at Air port, Air flight conditions and so on, beinng not so good.




2010.10.27       Distribution for a fee guide of TLR family Knockout mice


 Distribution for a fee guide of Transgenic Rat



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